Dear Parents and Junior Golfers,

We have just concluded a successful week of Junior Instruction with our annual Skills Camp at Irish Waters. Steve and I, and our many volunteers, enjoyed working with a very eager bunch of budding golfers!

As our program grows, we want to maintain the experience we have been providing for the players. Our mentor concept, which brings in high school and college players to guide the kids, is a hallmark of our program. We are extremely proud to have them step up and work with the younger players. Steve and I have had the pleasure of training many very fine players; we enjoy them as competitors, but mostly, we enjoy them as people.

Since we started League and a Lesson, it has grown every year. In order for us to continue to provide a quality experience for the kids and respect the needs of the golf course, we believe that changing to a shotgun start would be in everyones’ best interest. Last week, with a t-time format, we had public play backed up behind the juniors. By the same token, we had juniors being rushed by the public play. In today’s golf economy, we want to be sensitive to the revenues that the course might be forfeiting as they make space for our juniors. The staff and owners at Irish Waters have been very supportive of our programming and providing inexpensive access for beginner and junior golfers; we would like to create a win-win scenario for them as we train new golfers.

As such, starting Wednesday, June 20th, we will proceed as follows: all League and a Lesson participants should report in by 7:45 regardless of the number of holes they play. We will organize groups and have a shotgun start at 8:15. Younger players will drop out after an hour and will then be given their lesson. Older players will play for two hours and then have their lesson time following play.

Steve will collect fees. Each participant will receive a name tag after they have paid their fees. Once they have a name tag, they will be put into the appropriate group with a mentor. The time limits on play will allow us to be more structured (some children were taking so long to play, and while they were being helped greatly by their mentor, they were missing the professional instruction portion of the program).

We thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Steve and Carolyn Howe