It has been a terrific summer with many great days for golf.  The girls’ golf season has already begun and many of you have moved on to your Fall sports.  If you are taking a break from golf to pursue another sport, we applaud you!  Cross-training is good for your body and it keeps life interesting. For those of you who are presently competing or thinking about Fall Boot Camp, I wanted to let you know that we will have a slightly adjusted schedule going forward. On August 29th, I will be taking time to have my right knee replaced.  Below we have the adjusted schedules for lessons, Boot Camp and the Girls’ program.  I will be taking a two week break to heal and feel more human.  After that, I will teach and run programs with help from some very good people.  I also might choose to bring a chair; I hope that won’t offend anyone.
Carolyn Barnett-Howe, PGA


Thursday Girls continues for two weeks:   (6pm-8pm @ Irish Waters)
August 16 and 23
Sunday Girls @ Irish Waters (4-6 pm)
September 16 thru the State Tournament
*Don’t struggle during the season.  Join us for sessions that build confidence and prepare you for your matches and invites.

Boys’ Boot Camp At Irish Waters

Fall Boot Camp will start September 13th.

Appleton East Graduate, 2-time all-state selection and recent graduate of Gustavus University, John Anderson, will be helping Carolyn with this year’s Boot Camp.

Follow this link for dates, times and registration