Welcome to Swing Solutions, whether you are an adult, young teen or a child, we have programs that may fit your needs.  As Life members of the PGA of America, Steve Howe and Carolyn Barnett-Howe have over fifty years of experience teaching and sharing the wonderful game of Golf.  Steve likes to refer to golf as “a game of honor played amongst gentle people.”  Carolyn believes that every individual has a distinct learning style, and a unique set of goals – her job then, is to help each player fulfill their own potential.
Located in Menasha, the focus for Swing Solutions has been largely in Northeast Wisconsin and the Fox River Valley area. We are happily partnered with Irish Waters Golf Course, in Freedom for our outdoor programming.   We are proud of the fact that our Winter Prep Program hosts players from 17 different school districts and that we presently have 30 players who have moved on to play college golf.
A four-year study of the bio-mechanics of the golf swing, in cooperation with Orthopedic & Spine Therapy has helped us create programming that focuses on the uniqueness of each athlete.  Whether it is programming focused on the young beginner, the developing young high school player, young girls, or collegiate player, Swing Solutions programming is geared towards helping the individual.  Even our school programming is designed to meet the needs of the PE curriculum for the healthy child.   As well as teaching the proper mechanics of power and leverage, at Swing Solutions we are able to help people return to golf safely after major surgeries or injuries.  Our thought is never give up, get better – and we will be there to guide you!
When is a good time to start and why should I take lessons?  We have children in our programming as young as 4 (League and a Lesson) and as old as 84!  We have programming designed specifically for girls (USGA/LPGA Girls) because we understand that boys and girls often process information differently, yet they both want to be a part of something competitive, fun and healthy.  Since every journey starts with the first step, it is never too late to begin; we promise you will better equipped and more educated for having joined us in the learning process.  Can you play golf without lessons? Absolutely!  In the ‘olden days,’ this is how we all learned.  If we were lucky enough to be exposed to someone with a little knowledge, we learned more quickly.  At Swing Solutions, our years of experience competing and teaching allow us to bring information to you as quickly as you would like to absorb it:  we know why you slice, why you top the ball, why you have no power or accuracy; we know how to navigate the golf world and the collegiate ranks.  We are a resource so that you can better enjoy family time, business golf or high level competition.
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