Golf can be a powerful business tool. For decades, business people have used the social and competitive opportunities offered in golf settings to better get to know their peers in the business world. There are basically three ways to incorporate golf into business practices: as an entry level golfer who has knowledge of the ‘ways of the golf world,’ a competent player (100 and below) who is very comfortable with their game and their ability to entertain folks, and lastly, an avid golfer who wants to leverage their abilities for better customer connections.

Time: Life is busy. Finding the time to build real business relationships can be difficult. While golf can be time consuming, it does offer a relaxed atmosphere for people with common business interests to get to know one another.

Character & Integrity: The very nature of the game of golf – A game of honor played amongst gentlepeople – lends itself to creating strong business relationships. At the very least, an individual’s conduct on the golf course can reveal a great deal about their true personality. For those entertaining, knowing how to create a positive image is not difficult, but one needs to know the ins and outs of the golf world to be prepared. For those who are being entertained, putting your best foot forward is key. A little knowledge goes a long way for both the experienced and inexperienced golfer.

Golf is a big game. For the entry-level player, it can be intimidating. Even for the experienced player, the subtle nuances of the game can reveal a great deal about an individual. Learning to entertain graciously and confidently means having a fairly decent knowledge of golf protocols – from dress codes, to supporting the shop services, to using the staff to your advantage. And then there the on-course protocols: fast play, honors, an awareness of various playing formats for outings. All of these can be easily laid out for business use.

At Swing Solutions we can help, If you would like to give your organization a lift please contact us. Here are some examples of the types of programs we can put together for your business:

  •     Team Building Outing
  •     Team Building Lessons
  •     Team Education – Learn the Game!

With two PGA professionals on staff we can help your business get golf ready when you need to be! Please contact us so that we can create a custom class uniquely created for your business!


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By Appointment, group lessons are available from Mid February through October. Space is limited, first come first serve. Call to schedule date and time: 920-967-4653