Join us each Wednesday at Irish Waters Golf Course for League and a Lesson. Seven years after starting League and a Lesson our program continues to grow. Each week, players are invited to participate in a $10 lesson and a $10 green fee (children playing less than 9-holes will pay $5). This is not a separable fee, sorry.  

Quit being boxed in by programmers who do not respect your family time!

This program is a “pay as you play” concept that allows children and families to step out for family vacations and other obligations.

Weekly lessons, competitions and games, coupled with instruction from PGA professionals and guidance from high school mentors, makes this one of the most unique programs in the Valley. Sorry, it is a complete program; choosing to omit one part does not lessen the fee.  Each child is given the opportunity to learn and grow from lessons and weekly on-course experiences. Younger children learn proper rules and etiquette, so they can play quickly and move around a golf course in a manner that will make their parents proud. Older players are given a chance to implement a new concept each week and advance their skill level substantially throughout the summer.


June 21 and 28
July  12, 19 and 26
August 2, 9

  • 1 holers       8 am shotgun start              Lesson time 9:00 – 9:30
  • 3 holers       8 am shotgun start              Lesson time 9:00
  • 5 holers       8 am shotgun start              Lesson time 9:00
  • 9 holers       8 am shotgun start              Lesson time 10:00

The 1, 3, and 5-holers will play for one hour and then they will come in for instruction and games. The 9-holers will play for 2 hours before they will return to the lesson tee for their instruction.

One-time Fee: $20 for refreshments, awards and mentor appreciation.  We have been frustrated in past years that only half the participants are supporting the mentor/treat program.  This fee may be paid in advance or on the first day of play. All players whose registration fee has been paid will receive a League T-shirt.  They may proudly wear it each week to receive their treats!  Mail registration fees to:


Swing Solutions 4000 N Providence, Appleton, WI 54913


WEEKLY COST: $15 (for younger players) $20 for older players


Follow this link for Rates

The registration fees are used for weekly prizes, trophies and food.  Fees for League and a Lesson are collected each Wednesday.

Please call 920-858-0388 or email with questions.

To Register click the Registration tab at the top of this page, select “Classes & Programming”, then “League and a Lesson” to enroll your child!