2018 Swing Solutions Spring Golf Trip to Port St Lucie, FL

March 25-March 30 and April 1-April 6

Instruction and playing are set up for Monday thru Friday. Extra rounds may be purchased on the weekends; we will arrange the tee-times.        

With the thought that the Spring months in Wisconsin are not ideal for helping young players prepare for their upcoming season, we designed a Spring trip to the PGA Village in Port St Lucie Florida.  Our goals are three-fold:  provide great golf and instruction at an affordable price, gather young people and their families for a vacation that everyone can enjoy and provide a relaxing venue that will be memorable for years to come.

Most athletic experiences for parents and children have a participant-fan relationship.  We have designed a trip that welcomes:  individual participants, entire families and partial families.  Father-daughter, mother-son, father-son and mother-daughter combinations have all participated in our trip, as well as entire families.

For those who love golf, who want to create memories with their children and/or friends, this trip should be on your bucket list!

Individual Packages:

$1,250 per individual including lodging (6 nights, with 4 rounds of golf, range time and instructions, lunch 5 days). Parents may or may not opt to choose this option for themselves.  $75 per night per person additional lodging if you are coming outside the included lodging nights.

Family Packages:

$1,250 (Package for 1 player)+ $1,100 (family condo*) Total price $2,350

$2,500 (Package for 2 players)+ $800 (family condo*) Total price $3,300

$3,750 (Package for 3 players)+ $550 (family condo*) Total price $4,300

$1,250 (Package for 1 player)+ $400 (half family condo, sharing with another two-some*)  This option would be for those traveling with one player and one parent.  Total price $1,650

Additional rounds of golf $85

*Family condos include four queen beds and a sofa, kitchen and family room.

If desired, townhomes are also available but may have an additional charge which will not exceed $350. More details are available upon request.

After December 1, we cannot guarantee housing.  We still welcome participation (and we can try to secure housing, but this area of Florida is becoming increasingly popular).  For those participating without housing, the fee is $1050.

Frequently Asked Question:

“I am having trouble finding flights on the exact dates of the trip.  Can I come outside the scheduled trip dates?  The simple answer is yes – if you are coming as a family and/or taking care of your own lodging.  Steve and I could be available to host starting March 26th. Since we rent the condos by the week, if you come outside the dates, we will have extra days to pay for and days that are under utilized.

Enroll NOW!

Please call Carolyn at 920-858-0388 and/or email (howe2golf@aol.com) and we will discuss your needs as a family/individual or small group.

Payment for all packages is due on March 1. Please note that only checks will be accepted (no credit card payments).  Please send all payments to Swing Solutions: 4000 N Providence Ave Appleton, WI 5491.

If you would like more information about the facilities and the area, follow these links:  PGA Golf Club and PGA Learning Center and Port St Lucie.



Airports and their distances from PSL:   PBI (West Palm Beach) 45 minutes, (Melbourne) 45 minutes, ORD (Orlando) 2 hrs, (Tampa) 2 plus hrs, (Ft. Lauderdale) 3hrs.  If you are not renting a car or if you are coming as an individual, a shuttle service will bring you to the PGA Village.  I would recommend one of the following:  http://www.myshuttleservice.com/pricing or God’s Chariots; they both have been reliable in the past.

Steve and I make the tee-times, reserve the condos, arrange groups , make lunch arrangements, provide instruction and play each day (until our bodies break down)…we love it!

Please confirm your participation by December 15 so that we can go ahead with tee-times and housing reservations. Respond by e-mail or call us at 858-0388.



Because of the cost of credit card processing, we do not accept credit cards for the trip.  Payment for the base cost of the trip is due by March 15.  Any extras incurred on the trip will be billed upon our return, April 15.