What is the Titleist Performance Institute?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) of Oceanside, CA has developed the most comprehensive source of golf fitness and conditioning today. With the Titleist Performance Institute program, players receive the same testing that  is used on the best golfers in the world.  By assessing  a “total  picture” of your body,  Rick will recommend  a program that will optimize your performance.

What does the screen consist of?

1.   The screen involves a thorough 45 minute one-on-one evaluation to discover issues that might be aff­ecting your game and your body.
2.   After the screen is completed, in conjunction with TPI, Rick will design a specific exercise program to address your limitations.  Your program link, connecting you to TPI, will be e-mailed to you with an explanation    about   your strengths and weaknesses.  Each exercise has a 30-45 second video which breaks down the exercise in easy-to-follow steps.
3.   Included in the evaluation is a follow-up visit with Rick, at which time he will assess the progress of your program.

What do the screen results tell me?

The screening process can reveal flexibility loss, strength loss, coordination and balance issues.  The exercise program is customized to address your limitations.

Curious about the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?

For more information, please visit their website, www.mytpi.com or visit www.ostpt.com for more information.

Connection to Swing Solutions?

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy  and Swing Solutions are partners .  Our physical therapists at OST are trained to address body mechanics, while the  PGA Professionals at Swing Solutions are experts in swing mechanics.

What is Rick’s expertise relative to athletes and golfers?

Rick holds the Titleist Performance Institute Certifications Medical Levels I & II.  Rick has over 30 years experience treating athletes including golfers.  He has experience working with the Kohler Golf Academy, Kohler, WI.
In addition , Rick has also studied golf specific physical therapy programs with Back to Golf, Carmel CA and FitforeGolf, University of Calgary AB, Canada.

How can I schedule a screen?

Call OST Clintonville at 715-823-3336 or call Swing Solutions in Menasha 920-967-4653.

Rick Schurman
Physical Therapist
Certified by Titleist Performance Institute